AMLO: INE’s removal of dozens of MORENA’s candidates for the June Elections is a coup to Democracy -in Mexico

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MEXICO- Today, the @INEMexico finally removed two MORENA party candidates, and around 50 more, so they wont be running in this June Elections.
The president called this a “GOLPE TO DEMOCRACY.” A coup to democracy
AMLO explained that what the opposition is looking for is for MORENA voters to come out and riot or attack institutions (so they can set up AMLO and repeat what happened with Trump and the Capitolio, so they can impeach Lopez Obrador).
Here is a transcription of President Lopez Obrador remarks today during his daily Press Conference. He explains how parallel institutions were created by the rich and powerful in Mexico to protect their economic interests at the detriment of the majority of Mexican citizens.
LOPEZ OBRADOR: “We came to this government to transform the country into a democratic nation, and we are going to continue revising these independent institutes [created during the neoliberal period], who are independent of the people of this nation, but not independent of economic interest groups. These institutes were created parallel to other governmental departments which have the same function.
For the young people, so you can get information, by the end of the 1980s, in Mexico there was only one single autonomous institution in the country, the Bank of Mexico, only one. And during the neoliberal period, the autonomous institutions surfaced like mushrooms under the rain to dismantle the State and take power over the public functions. They turned the government into a committee at the service of a minority [of powerful groups].
Imagine this paradox, in the case of the Electoral Institute (INE) and the Electoral tribunal, one might think that those are institutions created to guarantee democracy, well no, those are institutions created to prevent democracy [in Mexico].”
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President Lopez Obrador asked the people of Guerrero, Michoacan, and the general public not to react with protests in the streets to the verdict of the INE court, and move forward to continue the peaceful fight to install democracy in Mexico.

It’s important to note that Mexico was under a authoritarian regime two-party sytem for 70 years, and during the neoliberal period that began in 1980, until the 2019 elections that gave a victory to Lopez Obrador, the country was under what the now President Lopez Obrador calls, a deterioration of institutes and society– with high levels of crime,  with the government’s representatives colluding directly with drug-cartels.

“The looting and stealing of Mexico’s resources and wealth during the neoliberal period was larger that the 300 years of Spanish Colonization.” Said Lopez Obrador.

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