Is Human Rights Watch defending corrupt judges in Mexico?

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MEXICO–Yet again, Human Rights Watch, oddly defends judges accused of corruption in Mexico for the second consecutive time within the last two weeks. The Director,  José Miguel Vivanco, shared an out-of-context video of the secretary of the Mexican MARINE, Admiral Ojeda, and then accuses him of attacking judges.

FACT: During today’s AMLO press conference, Secretary Ojeda @AlmiranteSrio answered a question from a VICE News reporter –who literately threatened Mexico of getting sanctioned by NGOs for not controlling CHINESE MAFIA IN MEXICO (I kid you not), to what the secretary of the MARINES @SEMARNAT_mx, who is now in charge of the sea ports via constitutional mandate, answered.

Responding to Vice News, Secretary Ojera explained how the fentanyl drugs/chemicals are coming from China. He also explained how judges don’t allow laws aimed at stopping illegal drug trafficking at Mexico’s seaports. The type of laws judges block are, for example, the proposal to increase the list of illegal chemicals coming into Mexico used to make fentanyl drugs.

Ojeda highlighted how the government waits months for proposed laws “because they need to be well constructed and planned, otherwise judges block these laws“. These laws, voted on by congress, are designed to stop illicit drugs/chemicals coming into Mexico from China, hence “it feels as if judges act as the enemy.”


Mexico has an endemic problem with corrupt judges, after 36 years of neoliberal economy policies imposed by the U.S. Almost the entire judicial system is rotten to its core, many judges are on the payroll of multinational corporations, others accept bribes, and others were colluding with the former far-right narco-regime that ruled Mexico for decades.

A more detail report of the endemic corruption of the judicial system in Mexico, is depicted by Jacobin in its report, “judges across the country have in recent years been snarled in a series of scandals involving nepotism, corruption, and influence trafficking. The accusations have gone right up the ladder to the Supreme Court.”

For years, Mexicans have protested and marched against corrupt judges in Mexico, who release criminals, rapists, drug dealers, white-collar criminals, thus creating an unprecedented impunity in Mexico.


Protesters are calling for an overhaul of the judiciary in Mexico demanding the removal of corrupt judges and magistrates from the Judiciary system.

In the video below, protesters are asking for the removal of supreme judge Medina Mora who resigned amid corruption allegations.

Feminists groups constantly complain and protests in the streets outside the National Palace for the impunity in the country.  The feminist complain about the impunity judges provide to criminals who perpetuate feminicide in Mexico, yet when the federal government tries to reform the judicial system, the conservative media and NGOs (local and international) accuse the President and his party, who hold congressional mayoralty, of being authoritarian.


The last two administrations have been accused by Mexican and U.S. authorities of colluding with drug cartels, such as the case of Mexico’s former secretary of Defense, Genaro Garcia Luna, is now currently in prison in the U.S. After 70 years of a two-party system, in 2018 the new party MORENA removed them from power holding now the presidency and congressional majority, yet the judicial power and some are still in control of the previous regime, and they are bluntly acting in defense of those created economic interests, and not at all function a public official.

For years, people have been marching the streets of Mexico city and around the country demanding the removal of corrupt judges. Most recently, the wife of Israel Vallata, a man falsely accused and incarcerated for 15 years, blocked the entrance of the supreme court demanding justice and the release of her husband. The judges refuse to let him go even after President Lopez Obrador’s legal team explained that there is not evidence of crime against him, in clear proof of fabricated evidence orchestrated by former local authorities who colluded with corrupt judges.

With the mountain of evidence regarding the current state of affairs in Mexico’s judicial system, Human Rights Watch representative not only seem to side with these judges, but dishonestly cuts out the Chinese drug mafia part out of the video he shared on his twitter account, today.

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