MEXICO BREAKING: The wife of Israel Vallarta has physically blocked the Mexican Supreme Court

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MEXICO BREAKING: The wife of Israel Vallarta has blocked Mexican supreme court.

Israel Vallarta was falsely accused, never charged, and incarcerated–alone with a young female French Citizen — with false accusations of being a gang of kidnappers.

The young French citizen was freed years ago, but Vallarta continues to be in prison without charge.

President Lopez Obrador and his Administration have been helping in the case, but the Supreme Court and the entire Judicial system in Mexico is corrupt and out of control. It should be pointed out that the impunity surrounding crimes of Femicide is attributed to them also.

Most notoriously, the judges recently gave protection to Spanish and American multinationals like Walmart against, and to stop, the electric reform that was recently passed by the Mexican congress. The corrupt neoliberal Judges have issued AMPAROS (law suits) protecting Walmart and Iberdrola within 24 hours, but they haven’t let Israel Vallarta go for 15 years!

The Wife of Vallarta has been camping out at the main plaza, the “ZOCALO”, of Mexico city for months. She has spoken out about, and has witnessed, how Former president Calderon, was directly involved in funding and organizing the 6-month long fake Official Frenaaa protest.

Additionally, U.S. operative and journalist Carlos Loret de Mola was investigated in Mexico for participating in the STAGED media and political show that led to Vallarta”s incarceration.

Other large protests throughout Mexico against corrupt judges have been ongoing for two years.

La esposa de Israel Vallarta ha bloqueado físicamente la Corte Suprema de México


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