New driving regulations in several cities in the UK will affect the poor

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Many cities in the UK passed a Clean Air Zone law on 2021 that discriminated against the working class and the poor by charging fines to gas cars if they enter the city. A carbon footprint iniciative promote by the World Economic Forum to contries worldwide.

This new law afects store and restaurant owners doing business in any city.🤦‍♀ Many business owners complained but the law has been in placed since June 2021 in the UK.

Similar laws have been quietly implemented in cities around the world as part of the U.N. Agenda 2030 in partnership with the World Economic Forum. UK, Australia and Canada for example, are testing the 15 minute cities which are installing sensors in streets and people will be penalized with fines if they travel outside 15 min zones. Even though when studies have shown that a regular person normaly travels around 30 to 40 minutes to get to work, school or shop.

In the city Birmingham in UK, the Clean Air Zone law began to fined people with gas-driven cars, taxis and vans who don’t meet the required exhaust emission standards– that only expensive electric cars can achieve. They have been fined £8 daily charge, rising to £50 euros for public and private busses (coaches) and delivery trucks (HGVs) –regardless if these trucks deliver food to restaurants.

In other words, only the rich are allowed into the city because only the rich can afford a brand new electric car, or a daily £8 to £50 fine charge.

Because “every one else is still sufdering the aftermath of the pandemic: price raise in gas, high inflation, food prices and a ongoing increase in the cost of living prices.” Said a UK restaurant owner.

As to the 15 minute cities- developed by Col combian urbanist Carlos Moreno— critics have compared the WEF 15 minute inciative to an open-air prision system that will Imprison humanity and.their footprint be tracked forever, yet several developed contries are already testing it or have already implemented it.

Mainstream media seems to be 100% on board promoting the WEF’s 14 minute cities, and in cointries like australia, the media is calling people who do not aprove the measure: conspiracy theorists.

What critics and oposition say:

What Mainstream media says:


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