AMLO Job Creation Boom! Dos Bocas Refinery Opened Within 24 Hours 22 Thousand Jobs; People Line up 1 km to Find a Job

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People from Chiapas, Veracruz and Campeche gathered at the job exchange that opened Monday by the government of AMLO in Tabasco for the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery, which has a job offer of 22 thousand direct jobs.

The aspirants camped in the Tabasco park since Sunday night, in order to deliver their job applications on Monday to apply for a job for the first stage of the complex. The first stone for the construction was placed this Sunday in the oil port of Dos Bocas, which will have an investment of eight billion dollars. The project is expected  to be completed in three years.

At noon on Monday, the line was already over one kilometer in the state capital, which for the last four years has occupied the first place in national unemployment rates.

The attendees requested that the schedule be extended, which is from nine to 15 hours, since it was insufficient to meet the demand of hundreds of people.

The day before, Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández said that the job bank was opened to avoid intermediaries, so that hiring is done directly.

He pointed out that there are 22 thousand vacancies for the refinery.

According to the call issued in the media and social networks, only CV and application for employment are requested.

Through calls on the radio, the interested parties asked the government to install portable toilets, as many women who arrived with children were requesting that service.

The influx is due to the fact that people from Chiapas, Veracruz, Campeche, have also come in, hoping to find employment in the flagship project of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is originally from Macuspana, Tabasco.

Initially the job board was going to be installed in the port of Dos Bocas, in the municipality of Paraíso, but the headquarters was changed, since some unions had already begun to fight to get the job offers.

On Sunday, President López Obrador laid the first stone to begin construction of the refinery, and he asked the unions to “behave well.”

And with certainty there won’t be any problems, since the President recently celebrated and labor reform that was passed in congress, giving Independence and power to the workers to choose their own union leaders — in a type of democracy anonymous voting system. Before that, the union leaders were controlled by the corporations, through bribery, instead of the workers they represent.

This is just one in AMLO’s portafolio of development projects that are expected to generate millions of permanent jobs for Mexicans and Central American migrants that were recently given work visas .

These initiatives by AMLO are expected to help reduce poverty and thus reduce crime, and would also curb the migrant crisis.

Update: more than 2 million permanent jobs created as of August, 2019.

Update: 3177 direct jobs st the Santa Lucia airport construction.

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