Bolivia expels the ambassador of Mexico and Spain over “conspiracy theories”

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Dic 30

The self-proclaimed president of Bolivia expels the mexican ambassador, the consul of Spain, one spanish diplomat and four spanish police officers who must leave Bolivia within 72 hours. Spain says these are “conspiracy theories.”

Mexico, a country known for its excellent and unbiased political Asylum laws has provided asylum to conservative and liberal figures from around the world for decades.

Most recently, Mexico gave asylum to a far-right Venezuelan opposition associate of Juan Guaido. And last month, when Bolivia suffered a military coup, Mexico gave asylum to cabinet and congressmen from the Democratic MAS party.

Then 11 days later the self-proclaimed government ordered the arrest of four of the nine refugees who are now trapped in the Mexican embassy. Yet, the other five aren’t allowed to leave the country even though there are no arrest warrants nor have they committed any crimes.

Since then, the de facto government of Bolivia has launched a siege by surrounding the embassy with almost 90 police and military personal and drones violating the embassy’s air space.

Two days ago, Spanish diplomats from the embassy visited the Mexican embassy but the military surrounding the embassy were involved in a confrontation with the security police of the Spanish Embassy. The spanish diplomats were in a vehicle entering the Mexican embassy when Bolivia’s military police approached them and began to violate their diplomatic autonomy, trying to arrest them.

The de facto government of Bolivia, installed after the government coup, really upset the President of Spain Pedro Sanchez who said that Bolivia is perpetrating an outrageous calumny based on lies and conspiracy theories.

The Spanish Government issued a statement on Monday saying that Spain “strongly rejects any insinuation about an alleged attempt by Spain to interfere in Bolivia’s internal political affairs.”

Spain emphasized that, “any statement in this regard constitutes a slander aimed at damaging our bilateral relations with false conspiracy theories. Spain demands that the current interim Government of Bolivia rectify and deescalate the contents of its claims and recover the good sense of trust and cooperation.”

In reciprocity “to their hostility, Spain has requested the expulsion of three Bolivian officials from its Embassy in Madrid, who must also leave Spain in 72 hours.” These people are the business manager, Luis Quispe Condori; the military attache, Marcelo Vargas Barral; and the policeman, Orso Fernando Oblitas Siles.

Mexico took a deescalation approach and only ordered the Mexican ambassador to leave Bolivia for her safety outside the zone of conflict.

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s foreign minister tweeted, “I recognize the valuable action of Ambassador María Teresa Mercado in Bolivia, who has fully accomplished her role of representing Mexico and its cause in favor of asylum and peace. Her fortitude and attachment to the best foreign policy tradition of our country will always be a stamp of pride.”

Then later on, Mexico’s department of foreign relations activated an emergency protocol to evacuate Mexicans living in Bolivia– about 8 thousand, providing airplanes from friendly countries to aid Mexicans who need to leave in case of danger.


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