During the pandemic, the FDA approved the use of genetically engineered patented animals for food and medical use

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The FDA approved an historic Intentional Genomic Alteration (IGA) on pigs for food and medical use. The green light was given in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic which caused the deregulation of the biotech industry, to allow generically altered CRISPR-like pigs to enter our diet without any labels and without consulting the opinion of the general public.

This move is yet again another step forward to fully monopolized the food industry at the hands of a handfull of Wall Street banks.

We just began 2023, and we now questioning if this meat has already entered all our kitchen tables and restaurants. What are the long-term saide effects of eating the meat of these DNA/gene modified animals?

Animals are like humans. We look alike but our DNA composition is different and unique. This gene modification is technically the same as bananas. Once a pig is modify, we are now eating the same clone pig over and over.

The GMO pigs the FDA apprived are called GalSafe pigs, and come without a sugar proteine. The corporation Revivicor, a spinoff from PPL Therapeutics that cused an scandal when it cloned the first mammal from an adult mammal Dolly the sheep in 1996, is the one who now is licencing and owns oir pig meat aka GalSafe pigs.

Of course the company can argue all the invented good benefits they used to get away to patent out meat, but this is absolutely unethical and not norma at all. But hey, they kept saying this is ” THE NEW NORMAL and they weren’t kidding.

Some critics call this a civil war against farmers and meat producers by wall street hostile takeoverm.

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