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The UK government, the birth place of neoliberalism in Europe, has been investing billions of Euros in the last 8 years in Biotechnology. Their focus on neuroscience in order to hack and control the human brain by inserting nano tech into the “human brain to connect it to computers.” quote from the UK government website.

They are also inventing external technologies such as augmented reality (a form of virtual reality) to psychoanalyze and collect human responses and emotions in a database (big data and AI).

The goal is to achieve “connecting the brain to A.I. computers” which the UK government website says it ewill be used in “Wars in the near future“.

Facebook acquired that technology, and launched META along with its “Horizon Workrooms ” virtual reality program with Oculus Quest 2 to connect workers from all industries to virtual reality which will ban workers’ use of their personal phone or interaction on social media, only job-related work.

This gives companies tremendous control to monitor the time of workers every second of every day of the week, but also it will allow the company to collect data on the most intimate emotions of their employees by observing their biometrics, and thus create attitude profiles that can be used for or against employees, depending on how radical or obedient the workers are.

Academics are of the opinion that this not only crosses the boundaries of ethics, human and civil rights, by trying to manipulate human emotions, but programs like HORIZONS 2020 (77 billion euros), now Horizons Europe (2021-2027) €95.5 billion– financed by the European Commission (which is a bank like the IMF) through the European Research Council ( ERC ) – will inevitably lead to the creation of a type of SOCIAL CREDIT. China already uses social credit on its citizens, but this new data collection will be more invasive and global.

The new company Nesplora, co-founded by the Spanish neuropsychologist, Ema Climent, and financed by European Commission investment bank called European Research Counsul under the HORIZONS 2020 program, is the company that created the type of technology that Facebook uses in Horizon Workroom. On his website, Nesplora, he shows how his technology uses augmented reality to psychoanalyze and change emotional attitudes in children and adults.

“Your attitude profile can be used to rent an apartment, buy a house, and fly by plane.” And with the pandemic, and the next pandemics that are already being announced, “that profile can be added to the vaccination identity card, as well your health record, your bank credit, etc. The possibilities would be unlimited. An almost total control of every citizen on this planet that companies and governments have never had before.” Said Jimmy Lee, science independent journalist.

On October 31 of 2021, Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He gave an interview on the CBS News television show, 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper, about the power of digital data aggregation, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human race. Professor Yuval expressed concern about the accelerated introduction of technologies during the pandemic. He said the following:

The power to redesign our bodies and brains, either through genetic engineering, or directly connecting brains to computers, or creating completely non-organic entities, artificial intelligence that is not based on organic body and organic brain at all, and these technologies You are developing at breakneck speed. This artificial intelligence has no consciousness, it has no emotions, and this technology cannot be regulated by just one nation but in a global regulatory consensus.”

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Source: UK Government

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