Are small and medium banks under hostile takeover by larger banks in the U.S. and worldwide?

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Several sectors of ALL industries– including food and farming– are under a controled demolition in order to futher “consolidate” aka centralize and MENOPOLOLIZE entire industries. And the recent Sillicon Vally Bank crash is no exception.

According to former Cablevision News 12, and The Hill host journo Kim Iverson, the banking industry has iniciated a hostail take over. Many independent media news outlets and has data to back it up.

Over the weekend four banks, including Sillicon Vally Bank (SVB) went bankrupt, and based on published data, ‘the main reason SVB bank crashed was due to a planned “controlled demolition.” Iversen said.

Ocording to public reports, the principal reason that led to the crash of SVB (and other banks that followed) was orchestrated by larger banks who plotted and adviced SVB customers to take their money out of the bank, effectively causing the SVB bank to become insolvent within 24 hours.

Within 48 hours after the SVB crash, HSBC buys SVB’s UK bank. News outlets–wich have also gone through the same consolidation process in the last ten years–, reports “HSBC buyout of SVB’s UK business” as a positive thing, “to end the nightmare for British tech.” CNN.

And in Europe, USB AG Bank (founded 25 years ago) is buying out the 167-year-old Credit Suisse bank and one of the biggest banks to crash after the turmoil unleashed by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.

The process of consolidation due to deregulation policies changes and hardcore lobbying has accelerated dramatically in recent years. With the global financial crisis in 2008, the Wall Street crash scare of 2019, and the Covid pandemic, multinational corporations absorbed entire markets of several industries in the food, health, farming, energy sector and now the financial sector.

Couple of months ago a bank in Sweden warn of a posible worldwide banking system crash by the fall of 2023.


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