AMLO announces Universal Healthcare in Mexico beginning January 1s

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December 31st

Beginning tomorrow, Mexico joins Canada in providing its citizens with a universal healthcare system. A very popular campaign promise to many Americans promoted by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Mexico’s new universal healthcare system begins January 1st., the health department announced, and will cover all Mexicans that do not have healthcare insurance. They can now receive medical attention without any restrictions, and it’s completely free.

The new healthcare system has been created by AMLO’s new progressive government. It will be run by the healthcare institute of warfare (Instituto de Salud para el Bienestar INSABI). It will provide medical care to all Mexicans who do not have access to health insurance.

People will be able to receive medications and medical consultations completely free of charge and without restrictions, this because they no longer need to join or pay annual fees.

“They [citizens] will no longer need to go to a module, join and receive a health policy; nor will they have to pay annual fees to be treated in the medical units as was the case before, ”said the statement.” Said the Health department communique.

To enter the system Mexicans need to meet the following three requirements according to article 77 bis of the general healthcare law:

  • Live in Mexican territory
  • Not be a member of the federal system IMSS or Issste.
  • Bring their CUR number or voter ID or birth certificate.

The INSABI healthcare system will provide care to 55 percent of the population without healthcare insurance, that is, 69 million Mexicans that will be able to obtain free treatments and quality care, for the first time.

About 87,000 healthcare workers (temp, term, part time) will be basified, that is enter into a salary base, from all health institutes, hospitals, clinics of high specialization.

Furthermore, 23 thousand Mexican professionals will be deployed to rural and indigenous areas through the Medical program, and they will receive higher salaries than those in urban areas.

President Lopez Obrador, ended the monopoly of only four pharmaceutical distribution centers that had captured the market and concurred on corruption practises. AMLO ended the corruption and medicine theft, therefore recuperating millions of dollars back into the healthcare system.

AMLO had a chat with Bill Gates who approved the idea of simulating the Coca-Cola distribution system to finally bring medications to all corners of the country.

Last June, AMLO’s government purchased medicine from France for cancer patients during the distribution drug transition, so patients would not lack medicine. Three pharma companies engaged in monopoly were denying the sale of the drug in a form of boycott. Mexico’s government found out that the labs and distributors were intentionally hiding medication in warehouses, and engaging in price fixing.

President Lopez Obrador back then gave an epic quote, “Not even Obama could [deal against pharma corruption], but we are going to succeed.”

Additionally, Mexico is investing 13 billion pesos (US $677.2 million) to build 111 new hospitals, 132 family clinics, and 120 hospitals will be remodeled by 2024; director of social security healthcare Zoé Robledo said last November.

Speaking at an international healthcare conference in Mexico City, Robledo said the government’s healthcare infrastructure plans are the “biggest and most ambitious” in Mexico’s history.

The INSABI healthcare system is a congressional reform of the general healthcare law that will count with an approved 2020 budget of 40 thousand million pesos, and plans to increase it annually.

In other words, with only $2 billion dollars, Mexico is providing universal healthcare to its people, a great achievement for that country.

Souce: Mexicos Health Department: Secretaria de Salud. El Economista, Zocalo

Note: previous attempts to Universal Health Care were only a PR move and simulation. The system was never universal and there was only partial coverage for a small segment of the population with constant lack of medications.

When the progressive President Manuel Andrés López Obrador began his new Administration in January 2019, he found the Healthcare System completely corrupted with huge amounts of money and medications being stolen and hospitals not being finished or hospitals with not doctors or specialists, and clinics without medications. Some say it was an attempt to sabotage the public healthcare system to prove it doesn’t work.

Mexico is now imitating the Canadian healthcare system.

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