AMLO: If Julian Assange is not set free, a campaign to dismount the Statute of Liberty should begin because it is no longer a symbol of freedom

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By Marcos Ray

On the 4th of July, AMLO asked “to start a campaign to dismantle the State of Liberty in New York City, if Julian Assange doesn’t go free, and he is instead let in prison to die.” AMLO has promised that he will grant asylum to Julian if he is released from prison.

The president made it clear that

“If Assange is brought to the US and sentenced to the maximum penalty, to death in prison, it will be necessary to start a campaign to dismantle the Statue of Liberty in New York, donated by the French and give it back to them, because it will no longer be a symbol of freedom,”

AMLO says the statue will not longer have meaning, and the U.S. name will be stain forever if they incarcerate Julian in the U.S.

“The United Nations needs to make a statement about Julian Assange, likewise all other organizations. They can’t just stay silence… Are we going to keep talking about democracy and liberty [in America] ?”

Last month, AMLO also said Mexico “would open its doors” and offer Mr. Assange political asylum:

“He is the best journalist of our time in the world and has been very unfairly treated, worse than a criminal,” he said. “This is an embarrassment to the world.”


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