The Indigenous People in Ecuador Win After 18 Days of National Strike

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Thousands of indigenous people from Ecuadorian unions, organizations and students, launched a national strike demanding the new government of banker-neoliberal President Lasso to fulfill his campaign promises.

One year into power, president “Lasso failed to keep his campaign promises,” say indigenous people, farmers and students who took to the streets to protest and launched a nationl stike.

Mauricio Chiluisa, president of one of the 3 national indigenous organizations, FEUE, told the press: Minute 18.

President Lasso is not working for the peoples of Ecuador for the large economic groups in the country because he is a banker

Indigenous and students demand the following:
– Free access to the University as it was before.
– Access to health, as it was before.
– Renegotiation of loans in the agricultural sector.
– Not to give concessions to foreign mining companies in indigenous territory.
– Generation of 25 thousand jobs per year (as Lasso promised during his presidential campaign).
– Repeal of decree 95.
– Reform of decree 151.
– Condemnation of debt to farmers of $19 thousand.
– Lower or give subsidy of gasoline price (No agreement has been reached with the price of gasoline, the indigenous people demand lower subsidies to .40 cents and the government offers .10 cents.

The indigenous people also complain that during the national strike, there were infiltrators in the protests and these are the ones who commit the riots. Lasso, for his part, chose to blame the indigenous people and students.

Lansso promised in his presidential campaign to lower the cost of gasoline, provide access to public education, access to healthcare, reform guaranteed prices for farmers, among others. But Lassso, on the contrary, passed a law in Congress to be able to oppress and punish indigenous and student protesters.🤦

And as expected, the police escalated the tensions and began to beat, kill a dozen people, and imprisoned a total of 150 indigenous people.

BBC World:

After 18 days of protests and violent acts of oppression by the Lasso government, this Sunday the government and indigenous organizations signed a peace agreement for dialogue with the representative organization called CONAIE (Conference of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon).

Decree 195 is still expected to be approve and signed, agreed to lower the price of gasoline by .15 or even .40 cents, guaranteed prices for farmers, and other specific agreements hasnt been agreed or signed. But for now, the national strike is suspended.

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