Mainstream US Press Inverts Reality about Mexico’s MORENA Victory

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A confident Lopez Obrador following Sunday’s landslide victory for his Progressive MORENA Party. Image credit: Forbes.

MEXICO–The corrupt US media such as Bloomberg and their friends at @Telemundo have out right decided to lie about Sunday’s tsunami win for the the President’s progressive party MORENA.

MORENA won 13 of 15 state governorships, and GAINED approximately 77 additional seats in the federal Congress (diputados), but the billionaires’ news 📰 outlets reported that AMLO’s party lost the ‘super-majority’ in congress.

The joke doesn’t end there, Telemundo had the audacity to send one of their journalists to AMLO’s morning press conference to tell the president -TO HIS FACE- THE LIE THEY THEMSELVES INVENTED that his party lost! The Telemundo journo said, “your party lost overwhelmingly, don’t you think this is a punishment to you for how bad you handled the pandemic and the economy?”

The president was stunned for a few seconds, and then just laughed because the economy is going up 7% while United States and European countries are in the negative.

And Mexico handled the pandemic very well considering its a poor country with few resources, yet has vaccinated almost 60% of its population. Plus, AMLO built hospitals and even the United Nations and the World Health Organization congratulated Mexico in their handling of the pandemic: early, since January, 2020 before any other country took it seriously — in America or Europe.

Yet, it seems that the media has stepped their game, and now they just flat out lie about AMLO and Mexico with impunity.

An example of their inverted reality:


AMLO’s Wings Clipped With Mexico Bloc Losing Super-Majority
(Bloomberg) — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s coalition is on course to lose its super-majority in the lower house after midterm elections, dealing a blow to

Featured image credit: Forbes.

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