AMLO Inaugurates the Mexican military Air base #1 Felipe Angeles

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Today, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador inaugurated the military air base in the newly constructed Felipe Angeles airport, named after the general who defended and stood by president Madero, during the military coup of 1913.

In attendance were all the secretaries of AMLO’s cabinet, as well as the secretary of defense, Gen. Sandoval and the generals of the Air Force and the Navy.

The construction of both airports, the air base, and the civilian airport, has been a real achievement of the progressive president, as well an impressive achievement of the Mexican military engineers.

These types of construction projects were usually allocated to private construction companies, but the president explained during his inauguration speech that due to the 36 years Mexico suffered during the Neoliberal era, many Mexican construction companies were so corrupt that working with them and expecting fair prices, honest work, and project completing guarantees are almost impossible. Hence the president opted to use the talent of the men and women engineers of the armed forces.

The Mexican armed forces, are unlike any military from any other country. The Mexican military is trained in specialized and well-respected military universities who offer bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in medicine, engineering, science and technology.

The incredible talent of the Mexican armed focuses were practically underutilized for decades.

But what it’s even more unique and special about the Mexican armed forces, is that their entire training has been focused not on fighting in wars overseas, but on serving the citizens of the nation in disaster events such as floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

The incredible talent in reserve from the armed forces was often underutilized and wasted, something that President Lopez Obrador didn’t miss a beat in noticing and utilized its great training and potential to execute very key and important projects which has generated almost half a million civilian jobs. The use of the private sector was also utilized but mostly these private contracts were given to foreign  corporations, and the national ones unusable due to their corrupt practices.

The civilian international airport construction will conclude by 2022, and that will make Mexico part of the international airport network with a system similar to the one in New York City or London. The president said the country saved 200 billion pesos by using the military engineers and removing corruption from government contracts.

Video of today’s inauguration of the Santa Lucia Air base.

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