AMLO asks Twitter and Facebook to legally report the income gained for use of ‘bots” & troll space

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President López Obrador explained at his press conference the fake news phenomenon seen on social media outlets, are orchestrated by interests groups.

President Lopez Obrador indicated that his administration has asked the main social networks to legally report the purchase of political advertising and the use of bots on their platforms.

During his morning press conference, the president said that Facebook and Twitter need to be transparent and legally disclose how political paid campaigns work and if artificial accounts are used to create propaganda campaigns against his administration, progressive political parties and the entire project called “4T” to reform Mexico’s corruption.

In that sense, he said he will use his right of reply or rebuttal to answer the fake news coming from paid trolls and for-hire opinion writters.

“this is also part of democracy, there is not need to be alarmed or pasa laws to regulate the spread of fake news. Our governed will opt to simply use the right to protest and rebuttal.” said AMLO

“Do not worry if suddenly there is a rain of [fakenews] articles in the social networks, it is just artificial,” AMLO said.

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