A 20 Year old Kills a Mexican Lieutenant with a Trafficked American Assault Rifle .223 Rem

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MEXICO — A lieutenant died trying to protect a woman and her daughter from crossfire between the National Guard and criminals. The shooter was only 20 years old and was using an assault rifle manufactured in the U.S..

As part the newly formed National Guard public safety initiative that began last month, the lieutenant and his team were making rounds when the incident happened.

The lieutenant was injured while his team repelled the aggression. The shooting lasted approximately 20 minutes. The property where the shooters were located contained bags with .223 rem and cartridges, as well as various bullets found on the floor and loaders that correspond to assault rifles manufactured in the United States.

Mexico has very strict gun control laws, and only one store owned by the army sells weapons that require extensive background checks and permits to own.


During a press conference last week, Mexico’s foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard spoke about the El Paso Texas mass shooting incident and highlighted that gun violence is not only an American issue but a bi-national issue.

American weapons are bought and sold everyday by American individuals who purchase them at trade shows in the U.S. and then sold to third parties. The weapons are trafficked into Mexico. He has created some type of gun cartels in the United States.

Ebrard explains that 70% of the weapons responsible for the gun violence in Mexico are American made and trafficked into Mexico from the U.S.

The new National Guard is expected to be fully formed by the summer of 2020. Simultaneously, to support the efforts to reduce crime, social programs have been designed geared towards the youth and have been rapidly deployed to millions of young people under age 29.

Among those programs the government is providing tuition free college in a form of financial aid. The scholarships programs have already been employed to two million students, and it’s expected to reach more by next year. Additional to that, 100 universities where newly created.

The predicament with combating crime in Mexico it’s not only a social problem but a gun problem. The National Guard is now confronted with assault rifles and high-caliber weapons coming into Mexico from the United States and that’s making their job more difficult.

After the El Paso Texas shooting where 20 Mexican tourist die, Marcelo Ebard proposes to form a coalition with their American counterparts and begin taking steps to tackle the trafficking of American made weapons coming from the U.S. into Mexican territory. Until that happens, the crime in Mexico will continue to take high tolls of innocent lives.

In a military training event in Morelos City, the delegate of the Integral Programs of the Federal government, Mauricio Hernández Muñoz had a minute of silence in memory of lieutenant Anastasio Carlos who died a hero protecting two innocent lives and trying to restore peace and justice to the country.

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