AMLO’s goverment continues to weaken drug cartels with finacial intelligence

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The federal government has seized $600 million dollars from various cartels and criminal groups, so far in 2020.

A joint statement from the Secretariats of Security and Citizen Protection, and Foreign Relations in Mexico, highlights “unprecedented actions” taken against criminal groups. The total sized amount of $600 million dollars is from January 1 to September 16, 2020.

The department of Mexico’s Foreign Affairs explained in a tweet, “Mexico reformulated its focus to the drug problem with a comprehensive vision that addresses this phenomenon from the root perspective of security, public health, development, social, economic and judicial justice,” it reads.

Several federal government agencies collaborating with the security task force explain that the seized amount does not consider the actions of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit , such as the “Agave Azul” operation which has frozen the accounts of people linked to the Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG).

Likewise, the agencies highlighted that 813 hectares of marijuana, and 9,943 hectares of poppy (used to produce cocaine) have been eliminated; as well as the seizure of 185 kilos of marijuana, 20,069 of cocaine, 315 of heroin, 260 of opium gum, 19,079 of methamphetamine and 1,040 of fentanyl.

Futhermore, Mexico inaugurated the creation of a High Level Security Group (GANSEG) who’s working in coordination with the United States government. The goal of GENSEG is to seek to address “common” security priorities .

“Our country has given priority to the drug problem out of self-interest; however, it is clear that, since this is a transnational challenge, therefore, adequate attention to the drug problem requires international cooperation.”

Last month, AMLO replaced the border and ports personell with.the Mexican Marines. For months, AMLO playoff and replaced thousands of immigration workers and border agents in efforts to stop corrupt government employees from allowing chemicals, for Fentanyl production, coming into Mexican territory, from countries like China and United States. The problem that President Lipez Obrador inherit from previous Administrations.

Within a week of the installation of the marines in the sea ports and the National Guard along the Mexico-U.S. border, the results have been an impressive reduction of drugs, ammunitions. and weapons that have been seized.

This new vision of the federal government and the paradigm shift in drug policy is based on four essential axes:

(1) facing the phenomenon of insecurity from its roots, through programs to improve employment conditions, education, health and well-being in rural and urban areas;

(2) reduce the supply of drugs, with actions to disrupt the chain of drug production, trafficking and commercialization, as well as attacking the structures of criminal organizations until they are dismantled;

(3) Drug prvention. Avoid and prevent drug use and address addictions through education, treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration programs and

(4) reorganize and strengthen institutions and their legal framework, combat impunity and corruption and respect for human rights.” Said the statement.



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