Global Chicken Pandemic

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Reuters reported that German veterinary officials identified an outbreak of H5N8 avian influenza (a type of coronavirus) on December 3 last year at a farm in the area east of the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, whee farmers had to kill 29,000 chickens.

Germany’s infection incident is not an isolated one. This scenario repeated in several coujties around thbworld. Since 2021, a very agresive avian pandemic has quickly spread to various countries around the globe, particularly in developed countries, such France, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, United States Poland, and Spain– after first hitting Russia, Kazakhstan, and Israel severely.

Reuters reports that the series of outbreaks of the bird flu virus in Europe is suspected to have been spread by wild birds .

In the US, the chicken pandemic arrived on February 8 of 2022, and has it already killed almost 3 million chickens and turkeys. The pandemic is spreaded rapidly throughout the country, with only local press coverage.
Some skeptics think that this global event could be a planned attack directly affecting meat producers to cause a food crisis, and thus, competitors can tap into the food supply and monopolized the meet industry. Conspiracy theorist think is a wordwide plan to control food supply. And others call it a world-wide civil war among large multinationals and local producers.

Due to climate change efforts to reduce Co2, investors have havely investing in substitute meet startups. From Cultured cell-based meat made in labs, to plant based meet, hundrueds of companies have are now creating artificial meet, and a this artificial meet new industry alreafy trades in the stock market.

The chicken pandemic could pave the way for the new Biotech industry – who for years have worked to develop lab-made chicken, beef and pork. The biotechnology is called Stem cell-based Cultured Meat, an experimental meat imitation that is not cut directly from an animal, but created in lab from patented animal cells.

In the case of a chicken, a lab collects the biological DNA of a chicken, uses the new patented chicken cells, and mixes them in a petri dish with many compouds to make the cells replicate and grow. This proccess uses a biotecnology called Tissue engineering. The clusters of multiplying cells grow around a scaffold, helps the tissue take on a desired meet shape — chicken nuggets or patties, for example.

In other words, the tissue engineering technique mimicks cell grow, which creates patented meet made with animal DNA, mixed GMO corn, GMO soy or other synthetic compounds.

In the UK, the goverment green lighted the use of patented “Gene Edited’ livestock and says it will be sold unlabelled in supermarkets.

In tje U.S., the Stem Cell-based cultured meat was approved by the FDA in 2022, amid controversy as studies of long-term adverse effects in humans and food eco-systems have not been conducted. The creation of the proprietary cell-based cultured meat began nine months before the pandemic started. xxxxxxxxxx


“The production of cell-cultured meat involves retrieving a live animal’s adult muscle stem cells and setting them in a nutrient-rich liquid,” the Washington Post reports.

Multinational corporations such as Tyson and Cargill are the top two investors in lab-grown animal protein technology by far.


Nearly 2.8 Million Birds (Mostly Chickens and Turkeys) Have Died in the First Month of America’s Raging New Bird Flu Pandemic – Truth. Based. Medium .

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