“To save 1 person, 1100 died in 2022.” UK MP

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Hard data from the government of England: “The injection is 800 times worse than contracting the bug.”

The UK member of parlament (legislator) recently explained on a televised speech that the “MEDICINE INJECTED TO EVERYONE” doesn’t stop bug infections, or spread the bug infection to other people– and the drug companies knew this in 2020 and kept quiet about it.

Not only does the data show that injections do not work (because they do not protect or stop the spread of the bug infection), but the data also shows that the injection is WORSE than contracting the bug.

This is according to data from the Department of Health of Great Britain that showed this in early 2020 and says that “IN ORDER TO SAVE ONE PERSON, THE INJECTION KILLS 800 PEOPLE. 🤦‍♀

This means that “the injection is more dangerous than the bug,” said the legislator.

People are dying, from: Cardiac arrests, clotting or brain hemorrhages, cancer, inflammation of the heart, and more than a thousand deadly side effects.

The shots companies knew about it since 2020 and they didn’t stop it. And already by 2022 the annual mortality broke records never before seen in the recent history of humanity: An increase of 40% of mortality (non-covid) per year in 2022 — the normal thing is 1% per year. And more are expected in 2023.

All this is explained by the legislator with hard and official data, in hand, from the government of Great Britain. And he accuses the governments of various countries of being ignorant or of becoming sales agents for these large drug companies.

He also criticizes the press and the media for not covering this information and for lying to the public that the injection only kills 1 person for every 1 million visitors– when the actual data shows that it kills 1 person per each 800 people (with three docis ). And it kill eleven thousand (with with two or more shoots) to save one. Said the legislator demanding an investigation into health agencies. He said that in the UK the health agency is 87% funded by large drug companies – a major conflict of interest. He also asked to financially compensate the victims.

👉20 million people have been affected by the puncture and 2 million have died so far worldwide.

“To save 1 person, 800 died.” UK MP

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