The new sustainable fruits and vegetables have ruined our food

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Is worse than we think. Who ever is controlling our food, have totally RUINED FRUTS AND VEGETABLES for us. If you have taken a notice lately the majority of supermarkets nation wide are selling some Frankenstein junk imitation of fresh produce.

It was already bad with GMOs and roundup-ready-crops like corn and papaya. But since the start of the pandemic, a new food I called sustainable food, but I call it a Frankenstein experiment has been rapidly introduced into our food supply.

These new generation of fruits and vegetables are beyond GMO. They are pure Frankenstein lab experiments because:

a) They never die.

b) Has no taste and feels like normal fruit. Example:

Pineapple is hard light pale yellow like apple and has almost no taste.

Oranges with mini embryos living inside the layers within a half centimeter of thin skin.

Onions with strange hard cores.

Avocados that taste like chemicals and without a core.

Cucumbers and green peppers that melt or turn into water balloons within a day.

Green grapes which skin is so hard, they are heavy and look and feel like plastic– with zero taste.

Pears and tomatoes with almost no taste that never rot– no exaggeration. It took pears 3 weeks outside the fridge to show some signs of decomposition. But the mini tomatoes have been in the kitchen counter like a museum piece for a month and show no signs of decomposition without any mold.

Of course, when you do some research it inevitably takes you to the so-called biotech and sustainable agriculture initiative, part of the fourth industrial revolution– a new market promoted by the World Economic forum and financed by institutions like the European Commission. Also, with the help of deregulation, and agency capture– and sprinkled with a bit of corruption fairy dust.

And let’s not forget how we got here: mergers and acquisitions, a practice that inevitably leads to monopolization of markets and industries which technocrats called CONSOLIDATION. And finally, this brings us back to the supermarkets.

In the last 10 years, many supermarkets have been acquired by larger ones. We have seen this all over the country, large national and foreign supermarkets have taken over, and banks and investors have patented almost all crops and have bought the farm land– and, the modern-day slavery our poor local farmers suffer at the hands of the patent owners.

Then one strange pattern begins to emerge: All the food, particularly fruits and vegetables, either seem to come from the same producer or farmers plant the same patented GMO seeds from the same source, and I haven’t figured out from whom or what companies are behind the consolidation of our produce.

I do know one thing,! these Frankenstein products are easy to spot by someone who pays close attention, but other times you can only tell if you cook them, eat them or let them sit there for weeks to see zero signs of mold or going bad. Also, the skins are thicker than normal, and in the case of cilantro or spinach, their leaves are so thick that it feel weird to eat–because it feels like eating grass (thick and tasteless).

Some signs are: fruits or vegetables that come in unusual large sizes, and are wrapped in plastic packages, or the fruits and vegetable options are the same in all supermarkets. Also, they have almost no smell and no taste or taste weird.

Problem: Aside from taking away the pleasure of eating rich, tasty food, you can’t help but wonder if these new vegetables and fruits– some cultivated without soil just using water (with roundup) if they contain any nutritional value or they’re just empty, and pretty from the outside shells.

During the pandemic we were forced to eat mostly from these supermarkets and people have reported suffering from chronic fatigue, ringing in the ears, and stomach problems.

And I won’t even discuss in this article Frankenstein meat (chicken, beef and pork) which, thanks to President Biden complaining about the monopoly of the meat industry, we now know there are only three companies who own all the meat. Plus, last year the FDA approved cultured cell-based meat. Yep, this is the same FDA who has scientists quitting from ethics-related issues with its rotating door between industry and agency employment.

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