John Kerry arrives in Mexico for a meeting with AMLO on climate change

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The advisor to the President of the United States on climate matters, John Kerry, arrived in Baja California on Tuesday for his visit to Mexico City, where he will discuss the goals for climate change in North America with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

This will be John Kerry’s second visit to Mexico and his second meeting with AMLO to discuss climate change.

According to the statement, John is in Mexico City to continue meetings with his government counterparts and accelerate cooperation on the climate crisis.

This second visit, he said, continues with the diplomatic dialogue that positions the fight against climate change as one of the foreign policy priorities for the region.

In this sense, meetings are planned with different areas to promote regional cooperation; accelerate the deployment of renewable energies. Mexico in the other hand, is advancing in the implementation of nature-based solutions programs, such “Sembrando Vida” Planting Life, a program implemented in 2019 by President, López is one of the largest forestation progrms in the world with a goal of 1 billion trees, 800 million tree have been planted so far.

Mexico’s Natiobal Defense department has joined forces to help deploy this Climate Change forestation iniciative.

In addition to controlling and reducing pollution caused by methane gas emissions; collaborate in the transition towards sustainable electric transport; consolidate Mexico’s interest in positioning itself as the focal point for the supply of solar panels in the North American market. México already has several hydroelectric and geothermal electric plants, any of the hydroelectric plants vegan modernization with high power turbines built by the government of Canarmda, and paid by Mecico.

John Kerry visited Mexico City and Palenque in October of last year in order to learn about AMLO’s proposals in order to mitigate migration and lower carbon emissions. President Lopez Obrador showed Karry two successfull prograns that Mexico implemented in their country as well in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

The two programs Mexico launched since 2019 are the following:

1. Mexico’s enormous forestation program iniciated in 2019 called Planting Life (Sembrando Vida) with already 1 million trees planted nationwide.

2. The paid internship training progran called, Youth Building the Feature (Jovenes Construyendo el Futuro). Two Mexican programs which names the U.S. extrapolated to create two international cooperation programs for development called “Sowing Opportunities” and “Young People Building the Future.”

“Sowing life will contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions.” said John Kerry.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) led the presentation of the Sembrando Vida program to John Kerry, in Palenque, Chiapas, last year. Kerry recognized that Mexico’s Planting Life program, along with the hydroelectrics plants and the commitment AMLO made not to produce export oil, will reduce polluting emissions.

Kerry went personally see the large-scale tree nurseries of the forestation program to learn more about it, which AMLO ezoects the U.S. could help Mexico to scaled the already deployed progran in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, to generate jobs and welfare of those countries in ordee stop the migratory flow towards the United States, while at the same time contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions

John Kerry highlighted the role of the Government of Mexico in combating climate change, as it was Mexico the first to create a forestation climate action law in Mexico, as well as the fact that it was thanks to Mexico that forestation was established in and as part of the Paris Agreement.

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