NeoLiberalism 2.0 is Here and it’s called ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’

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NEOLIBERALISM 2.0, aka the ‘4th industrial revolution’, is a term coined at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, 2020. And today, taught in seminars all over the world.

Neoliberalism 2.O is here and will dominate for the next 30 years. Very few have noticed it, but what is it?

Here are 10 initiatives that compose the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution Ecosystem‘:

1. Internet of things. Your home thermostat, fridge, coffee machine, car, watch, house , lights, alexa/siri, and even you are already connected to the internet collecting data about your habits and most intimate parts of life.

2. Artificial intelligence and Automation. Elon Musk once said in an interview with Joe Rogan, that whoever controls A.I. will control the world.

3. BIO-Tech. More than 15 years in the making, the new era of biotech like CRISPR aka DNA editing, Gene therapy, graphene technology, mRNA drugs and vaccines are here to stay.

4. 5G (an essential component for the 4th Industrial Revolution).

5. Green Revolution (aka green energy renewable energy, sustainable. The 2020 Michael Moore @MMFlint film, with more than 20 million views worldwide, shows how the promotion of green energy is mostly a scam run by money interest groups, who are known for rejecting nuclear and hydroelectric clean energy solutions. The film shows how these interest groups are using climate change to sell false solutions, while at the same time buying up more fossil fuels.

6. Robotics with the Internet of Things +5G.

a) Forecasters predict that the automatization of industries could result in 75% unemployment, that’s millions of people without a job– hence the pitch about Universal Income in political and business spheres.

b) Many other useless tech products will continue to emerge as a conduit to create an investment speculation gold rush,  i.e. Toilets with A.I.

See video of this tech waste:

7. Big data. People’s privacy will continue to diminish. More tech creation for tracking your biometrics and facial recognition, your steps, your toilet habits, when you clean your house, eat, sleep, what you buy to your friend, who you sleep with, when was your last menstrual period, your health data, and so on. The data gathered is already being used against people. i.e. Apple iphone’s HEALTH APP can share your data with insurance companies, or report your walking activity. You could pay a higher premium if you didn’t walk enough last month (data collected from apple fitbit).

Another Example: Porsche, Hyundai and other car companies are already sharing driving data info with insurance companies, and you could pay higher premiums if your driving activity is not a safe according to the insurance company interpretation:

Last example, Jimmy Dore Show covered the topic of facial recognition and biometrics in a very poignant way (see video below with a title at Jimmy’s style, but the video has a good analysis).

8. Real Estate: properties, houses, apartment buildings are being brought en masse by Wall Street investors and financial banks. For example, pension funds are currently buying up entire neighborhoods at above market prices, causing housing prices to soar, leaving regular people and future generations unable to buy a house.

Wealth Redistribution: BlackRock Investors Buying Entire Neighborhoods At Huge Premiums

To learn more, I recommend this great threaded tweet below.


Buying up all farmland while imposing MONSANTO CROPS.

Some of us are already victims of genetically or roundup-ready only food supermarkets, with low quality products and nutrition deficient food at high prices. Bill Gates and other billionaires are currently spending billions of dollars buying up farmland and putting patents on all seeds, worldwide.

Already in India, a country where 2/3 of its citizens work in farming, neoliberal policy changes have devastated the farmer’s economy. Policies force farmers to obtain large loans and get into debt (just like in the U.S.) in order to satisfy MONSANTO’s demands that come when using their patented seeds. Hundreds of thousands farmers have committed suicide.

According to a report by Daily Mail, every 30 minutes an Indian farmer commits suicide as a result of Monsanto’s GMO crops. In the last decade, more than 250,000 Indian farmers have killed themselves because of Monsanto’s costly seeds and pesticides.


After president Modi promoted farming structural reforms, about 250 million farmers went into the streets to protest, this becoming the largest protest in human history; yet, mainstream media rarely covered it, or underreported as just a few hundred protestors.



10. This last one is the World Economic Forum and members’ Utopian pipe-dream and goal: CITIES RUN BY BIG TECH CORPORATIONS, NOT GOVERNMENTS. An example of that was last year in Nevada, where a new tech city was installed with their own laws, police, houses and apartments, and courts all run by big tech companies, not the government.S


Anyone can see how all of these measures are becoming a trickle-down nightmare: Humans living inside a synergy of a data-driven ecosystem where people won’t be able to escape from.

But just like in the 1980s when they sold us the ideology and economic model called neoliberalism, as a great new era of job creation, modernization, and trickle-down economic prosperity, and no one complained or saw the scam.

Well, this new neoliberalism 2.0 has been pitched just the same but it’s 10 times worse and more devastating consequences to humans worldwide. The income inequality GAP is now reaching unprecedented levels—we see it now with the waves of displaced people (migrants) worldwide. The billionaires and their media want you to believe that human displacement is caused 100% by CLIMATE CHANGE, that’s propaganda! This is the same type of propaganda as blaming migrants for the economic crash of 2008.

Currently, just a handful of people are complaining about Neoliberalism 2.0, but in general no one in the independent press or the so-called red-circle intellectual have complained or sees the coming scam, yet, it’s already here.

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