President AMLO presents his new book: “Transitioning to a moral economy”

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Feb 6, 2020 – AMLO presents his new book: “Transitioning to a moral economy”. … in Mexico as a matter of an economic problem, not a cultural problem

At today’s morning press conference, President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented his new book “Hacia Una Economia Moral,” and announced it will be available for sale at libraries nationwide on December 1st. The book will also be on digital format on Amazon Kindle and Google Play, tomorrow Tuesday.
During the conference,

AMLO read the first paragraph of his book which focuses on the onset of corruption in Mexico as a matter of an economic problem, not a cultural problem. AMLO explains that “where there is no corruption, there can be economic growth.”

The book begins describing the arrival of Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortez and his army, who after arriving at the Veracruz port of Mexico, self-proclaims himself City Mayor. He then steals all the gold from the Aztecs, and the first act of corruption began when Cortez decides to keep 1/3 of the loot to himself, therefore, cheating his soldiers out of their fair pay.

The book takes the reader on a history tour of corruption that passes on through decades of the oligarchy in power in Mexico, up-to the year 2018 when the two party system that ruled Mexico for 70 years came to an end.

AMLO plans to donate part of the book’s proceeds to a charitable cause, as he has done with his other published books.

“The paradigm that we are building is based on the conviction that generosity is stronger than selfishness, empathy is more powerful than hate, collaboration is more efficient than competition, freedom is more constructive than prohibition, and even more fruitful is trust than distrust. We are certain that the ethical and the vanguard principles of people are the keys to a new social pact and the development model for Mexico that beings after the long dark night of neoliberalism.” said AMLO.

AMLO explains his new book contains the foundations of the new paradigm in which Mexico now governs– post neoliberalism.

The book allows readers to clearly understand the economic proposal of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on correcting the income inequality of the population, and the use of austerity within the government, and not the people, to generate savings. Its foundation is based on political and social practices that can serve a common good, and promote the true value of exercising the formula of economic growth with development in order to benefit the people at the top, as well as those at the bottom.

NOTE: AMLO explains there will be a second print edition with corrections on details that weren’t clearly stated in this first edition. For example, how AMLO’s administration spent only $800 million this years with his austerity program approved by congress, as oppose to former President Peña Nieto’s administration who spent 3.5 billion last year.

López Obrador’s new book was published by Planeta, and is on sale now.

You can purchase the eBook on Amazon and Google Play, for $ 139.90 MX (pesos) or $7.99 US dollars. The first edition will have a print run of 40,000 paper copies.

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