WHO recognizes implementation of the epidemiologist color traffic light in Mexico; it is already replicated in other countries (VIDEO)

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The executive director of the Health Emergencies Program of the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan, recognized the implementation of the corono virus pandemic risk color-code traffic light in Mexico, which is now being replicated in other countries  in Europe and the world.

In a video that Dr. Hugo López-Gatell shared on his social networks, Ryan’s remarks that “Mexico has invented and manage a intelligent pandemic traffic-light system with color codes of green, orange, red, yellow. A system that other countries have now imitating and began using. “Mexico the first country in America to use that system call CENTINELA and we support Mexico to continue with that system. And the same with deaths, which makes Mexico report more cases than other countries, and that deserves praise for its transparency, “he said.


Therefore, the Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program supports Mexico to continue with this system.

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“We reiterate to Mexico to continue its excellent training and providing equipment to frontline workers,” he declared.

With this statement, a new boost is given to the Mexican healthcare system and dismantles false accusations that opposition legislators have  invented against AMLO and his sub-secretary Dr. Hugo López-Gatelll who is the spokesperson in part of a large task-force group in charge of handling the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico. “Well, once again, our country is recognized for the good handling of the pandemic.” Lopez Gatell said.

After pointing out the child-like attitudes or flat-out shows put up by of some opposition legislators and its media news networks, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that in other parts of the world, they would have already wanted to have doctors, and specialists such as  his secretary of health,Jorge Alcocer, and Hugo López-Gatell for their professional management of the coronavirus pandemic.

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