AMLO’s Integral Development Plan for Central America Began in El Salvador

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With international support, the Integral Development Plan for Central America proposed by Progressive president, and life-time activist, Andres Manual Lopez Obrador initiated immediately with the direct aid of $30 million dollars to El Salvador for job creation in the farming sector.

The exterior minister, Marcelo Ebrard traveled to El Salvador to set up a team that will give training and follows-ups in order to ensure that assets are allocated fast and efficiently.

Today, Ebrard and the new progressive President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele had a symbolic ceremony planting the first tree to what is expected to be thousands of fruit and wood trees as well as other aids to the agriculture industry in that region.

Ebrard tweeted: Hope was planted today en El Salvador with Mexico’s support and cooperation with President Lopez Obrador Program: Planting Life.

Ebrard tweeted: Initiating the program: Planting Life to generate 20,000 jobs. So that no one should feel forced to migrate due to poverty — that is the goal.

The Integral Development plan for central America counts with the support of the United Nations and many ONGs. The United States original offer was to provide financial aid to buy more weapons to continue the war on drugs which was installed more than a decade ago, but unfortunately, it became a failure in Mexico and resulted in the death of 250K people in the last 12 years.

This year, AMLO (Lopez Obrador), ended the war on drugs and instead focused on development by providing work opportunities, free college tuition, and paid internships to millions of Mexicans. He also aided farmers with subsidiaries and injected the micro-economy with small loans with zero-interest for small business. Meanwhile, at the same time, the Mexican congress approved the National Guard which began deployed two weeks ago, showing immediate results in crime prevention and reduction.

Next week, AMLO is meeting with the President of Honduras, who is in the middle of a national crisis due to corruption and reforms to privatize free education and healthcare. Weeks of protests by college students has led to human rights violations from part of the police. Protestors in all cities are demanding the president to steps down.

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