A Homeless Man Witnessed Mexico City Metro Overpass Collapse: Heard a Loud Noise

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MEXICO– A homeless guy who sleeps under the Mexico City metro overpass, says he heard a loud  metal noise of the overpass rails that shook the ground where he was, a minute before the train passed and collapsed. This is the first time in Mexico’s metro history, that an accident of this magnitude happened and oddly right before the June national election.


Miguel Cordova, the homeless man that usually sleeps under the overpass, said he was laying down with some friends and at around 10:00 PM heard the noise and the ground shook, and said he had enough time to get up and walk away before the train passed and went down.

There are many speculations as to what happened, and one of them is a suspicion that the fatal train accident that left 23 dead could have been a planned sabotage orchestrated by opposition groups– a month before the upcoming June elections.

The sub-secretary of energy, Sergio O. Saldana tweeted that a “possible sabotage should not be discarded” due to the detonation shown in the security camera at the moment the train went down. He said the detonation could be the consequence, but also the cause of the colapse of the train overpass– he later on deleted the tweet.

It turns out, the accident happened on an elevated train section that was built by the current secretary of exterior, Marcelo Ebard, when he was city mayor and whom is expected to be chosen as the next presidential candidate for the 2024 election. Ebrard was in Russia just a few days ago to negotiate a bilateral relationship with Russia in commerce, science, technology, and education.


City mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, explained that there are daily inspections to the train(metro), and the structure was fully inspected, and passed inspection, a few months before last night’s accident.

In this photo taken in 2020, inspectors inspected Metro, line 12 and reported to the city that the train structure was ok.

International news media such as the New York Times called the very modern metro system decadent which is false because the Mexico City Metro System is one of the modern and efficient metro system in the world, so much so, that this is the first something like this happens. In fact, it’s much better than the NYC Subway system. Mexico’s conservative corporate media immediately began to report that the city was told the train’s structure was in bad condition, and the city didn’t do anything, while Sheinbaum contradicts those statements by the media.


Claudia Shianbund has also been considered as a possible presidential candidate. This terrible event where 23 people died, has been now used by the opposition as a political blame game on both possible future candidates, Ebrard and Sheinbaum. So much so, that they showed up at the scene of the accident not to help families to find their relatives but to encourage them to come with them to sue the government –that same day.


Of course, the other possibility is that the earthquake of 2017 did some damage to the structure, and the inspectors are either incompetent or not truthful.


Mayor Sheinbaum explained that the investigation will be conducted by local authorities, engineers as well as one international inspector, and is on-going at this moment.



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