Mexican electoral system changes rules in congress, to take away MORENA party representation before upcoming June elections

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In a blatantly anti-democratic act, Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE) is changing the rules of the upcoming June election to prevent President AMLO’s left-wing Morena party from winning “over-representation.”

The electoral body admitted this openly: It doesn’t want too many elected representatives from AMLO’s party, because even if they win those seats fairly in the election, it would result in “over-representation.”

It is pretty incredible how blatantly Mexico’s right-wing political establishment and its oligarchic ruling class are trying to rig the vote.

AMLO is the first independent president of Mexico in decades, whereas his predecessors were obedient neoliberal US puppets.

Ironically, the president of the INE, Lorenzo Cordova, has been self-appointing himself president for more than a decade.

For months, thousands of Mexicans nationwide have march in protests to the corruption of the leaders running the INE. Cordova has been involved in corruption scandals inside the INE, and he even caught several times making racists comments against Mexican indigenous.

Mexicans are so feed up with the situation that even opened a CHANGE petition online, calling to remove Lorenzo Cordova from the INE.


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