AMLO’s Integrated Plan for Central America Declines Migration by 56%

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Mexico — This week Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard met with Trump at the White House to present the successful plan created by Mexico to reduce migration in a humane and affective way. The Integrated Central America Plan was an impressive success since it lowered migration into Mexico and to the United States by 56% in only three months.

Most news outlets talks about the Mexican National Guard being a successful instrument to the decline of Migration, but in reality “coercive measures on itself don’t work, to tackle the immigration crises it’s imperative to attend to the root causes of the problem. People don’t leave their countries for pleasure but for for necessity.” said the new Progressive president of Mexico, Lopez Obrador, back in June at his daily press conference.

The implementation of the plan mimics an existing plan President Obrador created for Mexico’s South and south east areas called, “Sembrando Vida (Cultivating Life).

The Integrated Development plan was the most important key element of why immigration declined so fast. “An ingenious idea conceived by AMLO’s to taklle the migrant crisis from its roots. Without it, the results wouldn’t have been satisfactory.” Said Marcelo Ebrard Mexico’s secretary of foreign Affairs

Ebrard presented the Integrated plan for Central America at the G20 and was well-received.

The plan:

It gave thousands of jobs to El Salvador and Honduras. The plan consists of funding farming and agriculture producers, and hiring full-time well-paid farming workers en mass, while also giving “guarantee prices.” In fact, the plan goes futher than just financial aid. Mexico provided (and continues to do so) technical training and financial advice for farmers, producers, and workers.

The president of El Salvador Bukele said last month, “It took Mexico one day what it would have taken us a whole year.” The total of jobs so far in El Salvador through the plan: 20 thousand.

It’s a HUGE deal because it creates a precedent by Mexico, and that is: to be able to show to the U.S. that there is another way to tackle the migration crisis. It’s also important because Mexico has now created a roadmap on how to go about tackling the migration crisis around the world.

Marcelo Abrard has contacted several Nations (europe included) who are willing to adopt and participate in this new program designed by Mexico’s Progressive President, AMLO.

At a press conference with President AMLO, Ebrard said that the Trump Administration promised to invest $4 billion dollars back in May, but the money hasn’t arrived yet, so far Mexico says is still waiting for the U.S. to match the other end of the bargain. By Trump not putting a single penny to stop migration, this has helped Mexico to take all the credit for such of successful new humanitarian way to approach migration. The plan worked with an small investment of $300 million dollars that Mexico gave to El Salvador and Honduras.

Here is Lopez Obrador, AMLO, few months ago giving the aid to El Salvador.

Here is AMLO and Ebratd with the United Nation’s and other NGOs initiating the Integrated Development Plan for Central America a few months ago.

The program is very smart because Mexico doesn’t just hands over the money to El Salvador or Honduras, instead, AMLO sends a team of administrators and agriculture experts to make sure the money is allocated, implemented, and invested correctly.

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