Artificial Meat: Another Attempt for Global Monopolization of the Food Supply

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The fake meat industry, predicted to be worth $3 trillion, is being falsely promoted as an “environmentally friendly” and sustainable way to feed the world. In reality, however, the rise of fake meat and other animal foods is nothing more than an attempt to create a global “consolodation” aka monopoly of the food industry in the hands of just a few billionaires.

Cultured cell-based meat– or stem-cell meat –is made in a lab from animal cells grown in a solution of fetal bovine serum or other growth chemical mediums.

Normal cells cannot replicate enough times to create a slab of meat, though, which is why many companies use immortalized cells, i.e., precancerous and/or cancerous animal cells.

The rise of fake meat and other animal foods is nothing more than an attempt by Wall Street to create new market profits by inventing a new industry– and to centralized control over yet another food sector.

Billionaires and their transnational corporations already have a monopoly on the grain industry with their patented GMO seeds, and once animal husbandry is eliminated and replaced with patented lab-grown meats, private companies will effectively control the food supply in its entirety. And, as so famously stated by Henry Kissinger, those who control the food control the people.

On top of that, lab-created meats may also turn out to be one of the most harming and ultra-processed foods ever created for humans. Of course, the true impact on public health won’t be seen for years or decades, but the preliminary evidence of people already getting sick with the fake meat, raises serious health questions.

The crops civil war against natural agriculture was a hostile takeover that left countries like the U.S. with no independent organic farmers and just 2 or 3 corporations in control of 90% of fruits, vegetables and seeds. Other countries, like Maxico, their farming sector got distroyed and now Mexico is dependent of U.S.-made. round-up-ready seeds– around 65% of its corn needs.

👉The meat industry, which in many parts of the world already has a high rate of monopolization, it’s cureently under severe attack by private Biotech corporations and banks who finance them. This new civil war, and the actors orchestrating it, are keen to install their patent fake meat and own it all.

And they don’t have it too hard, bank lobbyists are pouring money left and right to have it their way. And the supermarket industry –which in the past decade has also accumulated a great rate of monopolization— is aiding the artificial meat industry to quietly push their product lines into consumers, and without labels.

“What is more outrighteous is that some supermarkets are allowing the artificial meat to be labeled organic and even vegan.”

Last Year, UK authorized artificial meat to be sold without a label in supermarkets. This is all possible due to the endemic corruption of captured regulatory agencies.


Fake Meat: Another Attempt for Global Control of the Food Supply

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