Female protestor shot death by police inside Capital Hill: MSNBC

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Today’s protest and Capital Hill siege by supporters of President Trump, resulted in the death of a woman who was shot in the neck and confirmed dead a few minutes later, turning Washington DC in a type of scene only seen in under developed countries during military coups or governments ran by authoritarian regimes.

The woman was identified as Ashli Babbitt, a air force veteran of 35 years old.

Protests broke into Capital Hell while Senators were trying to certify President elect Biden. The last time something similar happened in the continent of America was during the protests and riots that happened in Ecuador and Peru, where protests erupted into congress and siege it for a couple of hours.

The unidentified woman had been draped in red, white and blue when she was shot, apparently once, and fell to the floor of the Capitol with blood pouring from her mouth — a grim image captured in a video clip.

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