Justine Trudeau’s brother: Enough is enough! end the mandates people are hurting

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In a TV interview President Justine Trudeau’s brother tells Trudeau “enough is enough.” and he sides with the trucker’s movement which has now grown to more than 50 thousand truckers,  many vaccinated, and a total of 40 miles of trucks. And this week farmers have joined the movement , as well.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week mocked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government over Trudeau’s recent comment downplaying the massive protests that have formed over the country’s vaccine and other pandemic mandates.

“It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government,” Musk tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

On the TV interview,  Trudeau’s brother asked him to accept the mistakes, and not to continue doing the oligarch establishment betting.
“Whatever got you to this point, whatever you’ve done, whatever they [the ruling class] have, just recognize you got [yourself ] in this position. There are three options: you continue this charade, you repeal yourself and get out of this charade, three you repeal and expose [those spearheading those policies] and you bridge the world and we start actually healing.”

Trudeau’s brother went on telling him that he knows Trudeau,

“I know you being deep in this whole thing and have seen a lot, and you understand the inner working of the machine [government and oligarchs], but do you really want to continue supporting this machine?”

His brother was present at the truck protest outside parlament, so he asked Trudeau to look at the upset citizens, and continue telling Trudeau, “look behind me, look at the people, they are coming, their engines are roaring. The Canadians have had it.”

Trudeau’s brother pointed out that the President’s popularly rating haves plummeted, “my heart goes out to you, like that last election, when you’re out there campaigning, bro, you couldn’t go anywhere, like everywhere you went you were met with so much anger, so many people who were like they’ve had enough!

The brother’s statement concluded by reminding Trudeau that people initially supported him with the idea that things were going to be brighter and better, but now people are just angry after years of disappointments, and the last two years of mandates and laws that began with the best intentions but have quickly morphed violations of human rights when Trudeau began locking up citizens in Covid camps for weeks people who tested positive for covid as well as people who tested negative,  breaching constitutional norms,  and ultimately have Canadians completely traumatized and hurting.

Video below, legislator, Randy Hillier, questions internment camps to the Legislative Assembly Ontario. Then his microphone was turn off Oct 8 2020

“It’s getting to a point now where people are angry, people are sad, people are getting desperate, and we want Canada to be strong nd free, and the government is if the people, by the people, md for the people. Respect the people, respect people’s differences and opinion… these questions weren’t debated… I love you. ” Trudeau’s brother concluded.

Omicron is less than the FLU. Recently UK and Denmark ended the mandates, so Canadians are expecting for Canada’s government to do the same. Many of these truckers are vaccinated. That is not the problem. They say  they “just don’t want to be spy on and label with an RQ code at the border like cattle, it’s unconstitutional.” They worry what will happened in that tracking is implemented all over Canada, not just the birder.

This is @JustinTrudeau’s brother telling Trudeau “enough is enough.” and siding with the truckers (40 miles of trucks + farmers).

Side note:  Scientists from Harvard,  Yale,  and Stanford created a letter called The Great Barrington Declaration (GBDeclaration.org), and 17 thousand scientist  and doctors have signed it. All these scientists disagree with imposing mandates to citizens since there are now data that proves these mandates are ineffective.

VIDEO interview with the Harvard and Stanford scientists creators of the Great Barrington Declaration, which show a more effective way to deal with the pandemic


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