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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reiterated Mexico’s position regarding the resolution of the European Parliament in which the country was described as the most dangerous to practice journalism outside conflict territories

The Mexican president scolded members of the European parliament for voting with false data about Mexico’s death rate, and compared them with sheeps with a colonial mentality and very little IQ that don’t match the greatness of the people in Europe .

Lopez Obrador said he recently find out that the bad paractise of legislators voting without reading what they are voting for, not only happened in Mexico with the former 35-year neoliberal giverments, but the practice of not reading what legislators vote for continues to be used in governments around the world.

The European Parliament who voted base on a false data report of jurnaist killed in Mexico, offended the Mecican Congress as well who accused the European Parlament of interfering and disrespecting demicratic elected authorities in Mexico by voting just because they were told to– without reading the resolution the European Parlament voted for.

“ Very conservative, with a colonialist mentality”, was how López Obrador described the European parliamentarians…

It is unfortunate that they [EU Parlament] have joined like sheep in this type of reactionary and coup strategy of the corrupt group that opposes the Fourth Transformation [independence and development of Mexico], promoted by millions of Mexicans to confront the monstrous inequality and violence inherited by the neoliberal economic policiesed imposed in the last 36 years in our country ,” President AMLO says.

AMLO explained how the habit of offending Mexico was created due to the lack of legitimity and moral authority of former corrupt neoliberal Mexican presidents, who used to collude with cartels in Mexico and censor and ordered the killing of hundreds of journalists. A two-party regime that lasted 36 years, and ended in 2018 when a 3rd party won congressional mayority and the presidency.

“Sometimes you can think that only here, before, it was customary for legislators to vote without reading, without being informed, by slogan, but we are not finding out that this happens in all the world,” added the president of Mexico.

Despite ending the 36 year old regime of terror in Mexico, the old regime still lingers in some states in Mexico, and many journalists who report on that corruption have end up death.

Lopez Obrador told the European Parlament that his government do not censor or order the execution of journalists as his predecessors did. He also pint out that last year only 5 journalist have died in comparison with 5 thousand mexicans– 80% of whom are mostly cartel members and gangs killing each other. The deaths are mostly voncebtrated in the few states where the old regime continues to hold power.

Futhermore, the president pointed out in his press conference on March 11 that what the European Parliament says in the resolution they voted for is completely false, since freedom of expression is respected in Mexico .

“Mexico is a pacifist country that has opted for non-violence and we are in favor of dialogue, not war; We do not send weapons to any country under any circumstances, as you are doing now,” the document reads.López Obrador asserted that in the previous six-year terms “anyone ignored” the Mexican authorities who, due to the lack of morality, had to remain silent.

“We cannot accept that no one lacks the legal and legitimately constituted authorities in this regard,” the president said.

In his press conference, the president read the letter that he sent in response to the European Parliament, which, he said, he wrote himself with the help of the spokesman for the Mexican Presidency, Jesús Ramírez.


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