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Social networks are sending criticism online showing videos and images with statements such as, “these are protesters who Trudeau called Nazi terrorists.”

These are the protestant Nazi terrorists that the liar neo-liberal president of Canada 🇨🇦 Justin Trudeau is talking about, who is financing Nazi militias in the Ukraine while attacking Canadians.

The protesting farmers and truckers have a peaceful protest for 2 weeks, and in the video they are singing a song of peace and unity.

But yesterday, Trudeau sent the military police to beat and arrest them, he canceled their bank accounts, he took away their gasoline so they would freeze to death in their trucks, he took away their food, he threatened the whole country with jail time for those who help. He also took away their driver’s insurance and threatens them with 10 years in prison.

If it were Venezuela, the press and the UN would already be screaming. But they are all silent.

After the violent arrests of women, old women, truck drivers and farmers, today the citizenry came out to protest (if President Trudeau’s little dictator arrests those people too).

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