Lebaron March for Peace: a luxury bus drive, partisan and protestors

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By Gabriel Cardona

MEXICO CITY (SL) — A four-day pilgrimage by the bi-national LeBaron family who says to be the representatives of Mexico’s murdered or missing Mexicans, began in the state of Morelia. LeBarons arrived in a caravan of white bans, walked to a sidewalk and began talking to a hundred members of the national and international press.

About 150 people were present, press included. The march began in a luxurious bus ride, and with the unexpected political partnering of opposition leaders. The same political figures who are accused of creating or have supported the insecurity and crime environment in Mexico that began in 2006 with president Calderon, costing 240 thousand deaths and disappearances.

In photo: Denise Dresser openly supports the opposition party and constantly writes smear pieces against the President. Sicilia, the march organizer openly know to have had a public argument when AMLO didn’t allow him to kiss him in the chick before he became Mexico’s president.
Emilio Álvarez, worked closely with the former far-right administration and is currently an opposition Senator. Lucia Rojas is a current Congresswoman from the opposition party, PAN.

María Amparo Casar, another celebrity of the LeBarón march; she was the government’s advising coordinator for SEGOB, during the Vicente Fox administración, from the far-right party, the PAN.

Then the march culminated on Sunday with a tense confrontation in the capital’s main square with a larger March who was collecting signatures to petition the government to charge former presidents for the 250 thousand Massacres during the War on Drugs, the corruption and collusion with drug cartels.

For starters, the four days March for peace conducted by LeBaron with the aid by Sicila organization was meant to be by foot, but instead, it was just a drive from point A: The city of Cuernavaca, Morelos; to point B: Mexico City.

The luxurious buses arrived the night before and literately parked in the main Plaza outside the national palace, a place that rarely is used as a parking place since it is a major avenue. That night one of the Lebanon gave an interview to the press while intoxicated speaking about “setting up satellites to track broken Windows”…. This is not a joke. Video below.

The next morning, two separate marches with similar causes arrived at the central plaza called Zocalo.One was Lebanon’s march for peace, and the second larger group were collecting signatures to petition the arrests of the former presidents whose the war of drugs caused 240k deaths.

One would think the two groups will join forces being they both wanted security justice, but everything went array when LeBanon”s march became partisan when meeting with far-right opposition leaders.

Two things happened simultaneously.
First: The far-right leaders who came with LeBaron sent people to the other side of the plaza where the signatures were being collected and began pushing and trying to bring down the signature kiosk.

Sencond: The corporate media cameramen walked to the area where the other group was and interrupted their space composing their big cameras and pushing away the independent media camaramen.

At this point the second group began noticing LeBaron’s speech about bringing down government development programs and other unrelated issues to the March for peace.

Then people began to chant “GET OUT, GET OUT!” to LeBaron group of about 400 people. Then accused the LeBarons and Sicilia Organization for making the March for peace a partison march by inviting the opposition controversial figures, and for the insults and pushes from the media and LeBaron followers.

The next day, corporate media wrote that AMLO supporters where there to exclusively attack the LeBarons. Leaving out that no one hit or push anyone and that those people were not there for LeBaron, and that everything was peaceful until LeBarons people, accompanied by cameras, went to the other side of the plaza and erupted the second group collecting signatures.

While the cameras filmed the chants of GET OUT! A person behind the cameras is seen showing the fingers at the signature collecting people which was causing them to be more upset.

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In an interview with Vicente Serrano of the TV program Sin Censura, some participants complained that LeBaron March was just a show for the camaras and that they didn’t allow regular folks to participate.

Others say the mach should be called March for the Press since there were at times more press camaras and staff than people.

At the end, the group that were collecting signatures to petition the government to impeach the former presidents Salinas. Fox, Calderon y Peña Nieto, decided to form a human chain to stop the LeBaron people coming in to provoke.

It is quite difficult to see or read some stories being completely fabricated and twisted arrond about the real events that took place that day, on the March for Peace that was everything but peaceful.

At a press conference on Tuesday, center-left President Manuel Lopez Obrador called out the march organizer Sicila and the opinion and ask them to take off their mask and admit they are partisan conservatives impostors, and not to use victims of violence as a political tool.



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