Biden acknowledges Mexico is doing better during covid-19 than the U.S.

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Today, President Andres Lopez Obrador said the US president elect, Joe Biden, acknowledged during a phone call that Mexico is doing things better than United States to face the pandemic of Covid-19.

During AMLO’s press conference, the president revealed this part of the conversation he had with  Biden in the context of explain to the opposition media, which often exaggerated and  are constantly launching criticism about the Federal Government’s handling of the pandemic.

“We are talking about the United States that it is an economic power and we have been able to better face the pandemic, I will say something. pandemic than what they are doing.”

AMLO also mentioned that it can prove that the United States is doing worse than Mexico. Although, he said that it is not good to compare because is about human lives.

President López Obrador assured that Mexico’s health system has not yet been exceeded.  In Mexico City, where there usually the highest numbers, bed occupancy has not reached 90% because they have set aside a reserve,  and they work every day to expand it.

A big contrast compare to some states in the United States, like San Fransisco where  they have already exceeded bed capacity.

Lopez Obrador reiterated to the press media, his request to help the government’s  strategy to inform citizens, and not cause more subjective alarms with the goal at generating ad revenue at the expense of quality information. The President referred to a resent yellow journalism coverage of the sub-secretary of heath, Dr. Hugo Lopez Gatell (which went to the same university Dr. Fauci went) which made headlines when he took a three day vacation on the south of Mexico.

“To unleashing a massive coverage about Dr. Hugo López whereabouts does not help us and the population” The President said, which highlighted that s those reports are out of context because they do not show the real situation of Mexico. He explains that the the previous administrations left the healthcare system almost in ruins, and with a deficit of doctors close to 900 thousand.

“We began with 3,000 beds equipped with medical equipment, and we now have a total of 12,000 beds for intensive therapy, imagine what we have done. Nearly 70,000 health workers have been hired, and right now we are the first country in Latin America in vaccination. We are making a great effort, and citizens have behaved very well.

AMLO’s administration has also increased the budget on the government’s technology and science departure CONACYT, and within a few months, Mexico now is building its own ventilators.

Furthermore, AMLO allocated even more investment in building 50 hospitals around the country, many exclusive for Covid-19, only.

Perhaps with the incoming Biden administration, there won’t be a need to reinvent the wheel and just imitate with the neighbors at the south are already doing very well, so well that the United Nations and the World Health Organization have congratulated Mexico for its early prevention and the use of the traffic-light system to localized outbreaks and isolated them.


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