Former Coca-Cola FEMSA CEO accused of human trafficking Central Americans to join FRENA

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Today, a central America escaped Mexico City downtown plaza aka Zocalo which is currently under the control by a small group called FRENA. The man who escaped stated that the group is forcing  centro-American migrants to participate in what Mexico City Mayor called, an staged “performance,” Since the group lacks support, and is despite by the majority of  Mexico City residents.

Mostly know by FRENA is a radical far-right group newly created and headed by former Coca-cola FEMSA CEO, and wealthy businessman, Gilberto Lozano. Lozano has been accused of selling stolen gasoline in gestations he runs. The practice of fuel theft was called Huachicole, that came to an end when the new progressive government put a stop to it. It is when Gilberto Lozano decided  to launch a campaign against AMLO.

Lozano began his quest to seek revenge by frantically insulting the President on social media, and then went on to spent money to hire two former journalist to help him with marketing and brand image. FRENA was created within a few weeks and since then Lozano has up his antics calling the attention of many who have laught at times, or angered people with statements on videos that borderline in the fanaticism and hate speech.

Very soon, Lozano began losing following due to his staged and radical antics on videos, such as staging a figurine of the President’s severed head on a silver platter. In another video he bough with him four people to record a video outside the National Guard camp, asking people to killed the president or coup the government.

People have even question Lozano state of mind and wonder if he suffers some type of psychological or mental disorder.

What started as what some though it was practical joke, or an old man with anger issues, Lozano now has, literately, taken over the main large downtown plaza of Mexico city called Zocalo, and spent his money purchasing 400 campaign tents and then invited people to join him. Since that didn’t quite work, he planted the hundreds of empty tents in the main avenue called REFORMA and later on moved them to the famous Mexico city downtown plaza, EL ZOCALO.

Lozano managed to bring in or pay people to stage a photo opt for the media he invited, and it worked. The local media came, and soon the international media reported the event as a legitimate protest against the president of Mexico, and his government’s oppression against freedom of speech, and many other invented calamities the media believed and reported.

At first, FRANA began as a group of rich folks, that some Mexicans called “whitexicans.” These are Mexicans of lighter skin, mostly wealthy. The group  of about 100 protested in their luxury cars. Many, including journalist, called  it a “ridiculous show” since you can’t say the president is oppressing you while you’re displaying a privilege status. Others, who saw the car protest scream at them, “corrupt rich folks who are mad because cannot steal from the government anymore! This in reference to the fact that the new progressive government of AMLO is on a mission to eradicate corruption and stealing from the federal government. The government had to passed a law making government corruption or racketing a crime.

Corruption in Mexico, believe it or not, was not a crime due to the fact that the the ex-presidents–now all under criminal investigation by the U.S. and Mexican government for looting, racketing, kidnap, murder and drug trafficking–passed a law in 1996, making corruption not a crime.

Soon the march in cars became a national comedy, and the few wealth folks who were participating stopped protesting in their cars.

Then, last week, the traffic of protesters in and out of the Zocalo plaza changed from white and wealthy, to darker skin and poor. And among the people Lozano was able to convinced to join his party aka FRENA, you could find homeless people, paid poor indigenous people, and religious radicals who were walking around the streets in front of the zocalo place with a cross conducting exorcisms (though repeated players simular those seen in the movie Constantine), of people who support the progressive government and who they believe are possessed by demons.

VIDEO rata

This week, the unoccupied tents went up in the air due to hard winds, disclosing that indeed the protest in the Zocalo place was nothing more than an staged show. Many observants recorded video of the tents up in the air, and many laugh at the spectacle that became a national trend on social media.  Mexico’s City Major Claudia Shainbond, called out Lozano and his FRENA group, and asked them to come forward and explain of the dozens of tents in he Zocalo plaza are just a “performance.”


President, Lopez Obrador, says his new government is a democratic government, and people have the freedom to express themselves and protest peacefully. Something that Lozano has taken advantage of and now plans to keep the tents permanently until the president and his government resigns. Mind you, the president has been on office barely two years, yet according to —-Morning Consult (LINK) AMLO has become the 3rd most approved leaders in the word, after Modi and Morrison.

And all this leads us to today, when dozens of people gathered around the Zocalo plaza to witness the scape of an unpaid worker who was promised a job, but was forced to stay against his will and was threaten with beating if he said anything. The scapee confessed that inside the Zocalo place, Lozano/FRENA has held hostage inside centra-american migrants who they grabbed from a shelters, and forced them to stay in the tents and participate in Lozano’s marches. Likewise, they all under threats by security toughs lozano hired.

Youtubers Rata Politica and Radio Buffalo. were able to caught the scape on video. They show FRANA have central american men inside as inmates wearing bracelets to identify them.

On May this year, The Grayzone published an article called, Meet the far-right oligarchs working to topple Mexico’s progressive President AMLO, Ben Norton and Jose Arguello explained who is behind FRENA, and calls Lozano “A Trump-like oligarch,” and a participant in the BOA, a former small group of corrupt elites. Lozano is described as been even more extreme in his ideology and tactics.


Updare: A pregnant woman inside the FRENA camp came out frantically telling cops that her daughter was beat up by a member of frena, and also kicked her in her stomach. She explains she is not even political and has nothing against the president, and she is only there because she was offered 3000 pesos a month to camp. She explained to the police officers and digital media reporters that because of covid 19 she had no income and she desperately accepted the offers, to get into a bus from Tamaulipas on the north of the country all the way to Mexico City. The woman said that no one told her much other than she ess going to be matching in Mexico city.

Police officers didnt do absolutely anything about the physical abuse inside the zocalon camping tents, and residents are upset that the entire charade has cost local business lost of income and the shutdown of the metro train zocalo station. So far City Mayor Claudia Shainbaum haven’t done much other than to protect FRENA proters with FEARS the transnational press calls them authoritarian. So far FRENA leaders and its wealthty followers haven’t spent a minute in the staged protests, only for-hire and some religious fanatics, “drunks, drug addict people occupy the a dozen tents.” Said the woman.

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