Special Report Uncovers Secret Mexican Organization With Spanish Ties Illegally Training Underage Teens

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The Mexican magazine ContraLinea, among three other publications in Europe, were chosen by WikiLeaks to report on 17,000 files of the Spanish far-right organization “Hazte Oir” that unveil a large radical conservative and global network with vast money, power, and influence.

In the Mexican report by ContraLinea, a secret Mexican organization called EL YUNQUE, has influenced politics in Mexico and Spain, working along with the far-right Spanish party VOX and other conservative groups in Spain. “In Spain, the secret organization of Mexican origin bases its organic structure on independent cells: their members use pseudonyms to spy on priests, bishops and movements, which they infiltrate; they use the methods of ‘ram clash’, conflict, polarization, ‘counter-guerrilla’ and threats. His goal: to achieve political power to ‘establish the Kingdom of Christ on earth'” reports the magazine Contralina.

El Yunque through “Hazte Oir” uses methods of political espionage and counter-espionage in Mexico and Spain. Spain is aware of El Yunque and has tried legal means to combat it. The public prosecutor in Madrid filed an application in the court of first instance requesting the dissolution of “Hazte Oir”, an organization run by El Yunque. El Yunque is just one organized CELL in a vast global network of other organizations whose goal is motivated by “religious means,” but what it really is all about is money, influence, and power, with total disregard for the law and human rights.

Source: ContraLinea.com.mx

El Yunque in Mexico, for example, has used unlawful methods to recruit teens, used coercive training to turn them into political spies and militias. They have also used their power to manufacture anti-democratic movements focused on destabilizing democratically elected governments, while launching campaigns aimed at social engineering societies.

An ex-member disclosed that the Mexican secret organization bases its organic structure on independent cells similar to those of conventional intelligence services: “each cell is unaware of the existence and composition of other cells. Its members are forbidden to greet each other in public and act as if they do not know each other (unless there was some previous natural relationship between them). In their meetings they must observe strict security measures: they have to park their vehicle two blocks from the place, they can only enter in groups of two or three people, they must remove the batteries from their mobile [phones], they must inspect the windows of the premises and examine possible hidden cameras, etcetera ”.

Image source: ContraLinea.com.mx


Their most successful work was to put two consecutive presidents in power in Mexico: Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, who turned the country into a graveyard with 300,000 dead and  90,000 disappeared, in his failed war on drugs while he was working with and protecting a drug cartel. Additionally, Calderon and Fox instituted structural reforms and policy changes that gave a path to more corruption, therefore resulting in the looting of Mexico’s resources, privatization of public companies, corrupt government contracts that only benefited Spanish and other foreign companies– and not the country and its citizens.

ContraLinea asked president Lopez Obrador his opinion about this new Wikileaks revelation. The President said “those are medieval tactics used by groups who fail to recognize that things have changed, and so people’s mentality have changed as well. We are in a different era.” Lopez Obrador compared El Yunque’s medieval tactics to those who use embargoes and economic blockades imposed on democratic countries.

Lopez Obrador said these types of secret groups disguise themselves as “Good Samaritans” and even open Non Profit organizations such as helping the children or human rights and the only way to combat these organizations is to put them on display for the world to see them for who they truly are.

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