Thousands March in Mexico City to Protest “Corrupt Judges.”

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Chanting “Fuera Jueces” (out judges) a mass peaceful protest took to the streets in Mexico City’s downtown calling for the resignation of judges who have decades-long history of protecting or letting go influential criminals.

The most recent case is the fire attack in a Veracruz nightclub that killed at least 26 people. One of the perpetrators of the crime, aka La Loca, a man with past criminal history, was arrested by marines back in July and released without trial by a judge 48 hours later.

Protesters are calling for an overhaul of the judicial power in Mexico demanding the removal of corrupt judges and magistrates from the Judiciary system.

One of the demonstrators who made his participation public was the priest and defender of human rights, Alejandro Solalinde, who said that “the Judiciary has served corrupt politicians and the oligarchy, so accustomed to privileges”


The protest went from the streets to trending rationally on social media with the hashtag: #MarchaCivicaVsJuecesCorruptos and #MarchaVsJuecesCorruptos

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